Laser hair removal has been about for a while but our system offers longer more profound results. Find out more today

Laser Hair Removal Wellingborough

Why should you have laser hair removal?

If you unwanted hair that you would love to say goodbye to?

Is it a constant battle to wax, pluck, or shave?

You are not alone. Many women and men have hair in places they find unacceptable and would love to find a way to eradicate it for good.

Laser hair removal Wellingborough may offer the perfect solution to getting rid of that unwanted hair permanently. It does require a commitment, as to get results for the longer term a course of treatments is required. However, your hair removal issues will be well and truly forgotten once the treatments have been completed.

Are there other options?

There are many options for removing unsightly or unwanted hair and these range from continually waxing, plucking, shaving, or even hiding the problem areas away. These can be uncomfortable, time-consuming, and messy but there is another way.

At Spire Wellingborough, we offer laser hair removal treatment that affects the actual growth of the hair. Essentially, the hair follicle is treated by the laser and destroyed preventing any new hairs appearing. The loss of the hair follicle causes the old hair to fall out, and there will be no new growth. Darker hair responds particularly well to this treatment, but even if you have lighter or grey hair come and talk to us to see what we can do for you.

Just think, once your hair has been treated, it’s gone! No more in-growing hairs, five o’clock shadow, or rashes from shaving. And as a bonus, the cost associated with all the paraphernalia you previously used will also be removed.

What we at Spire can do for you

At Spire Wellingborough, we can help you eliminate your problem and get rid of unsightly hair for good. With an excellent track record and unrivalled customer service, we can contribute to improving your quality of life by eradicating your unwanted hair.

At Spire we offer a wide variety of treatments depending on your requirements. You can choose from specific body areas to whole body treatments from top to toe with a range of affordable prices. Our customers are always paramount so speak to one of our specialists today to see how we can help you.


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